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About Us

Our Story

My journey in the healthcare field spans two decades, marked by a commitment to excellence and innovation. Throughout these years, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges that professionals like me face when it comes to acquiring essential equipment. For far too long, our choices were limited to a single source, and when that sole provider chose to retire, a void was left that seemed insurmountable.

Faced with this predicament, I embarked on a journey of trial and error, attempting to develop a solution that could fill the gap. As a chiropractor, my expertise lies in patient care rather than engineering, which became evident as my attempts yielded less-than-optimal results. Yet, my determination to overcome this hurdle persisted, driven by the desire to provide the best possible care for my patients.

In the midst of my quest, a fortuitous encounter with my neighbor changed the course of this endeavor. This neighbor, armed with a brilliant engineering mind, recognized the potential in my design and took it upon himself to refine and reimagine it. Through his expertise, the PostureTrac was born – a sophisticated and reliable solution that promised to revolutionize posture assessment.

Our motivation extended beyond personal need; it was about addressing a collective challenge. We understood that my experience was shared by many others within the healthcare community. The absence of suitable equipment hindered our ability to provide optimal care to our patients. This realization fueled our determination to transform the landscape of posture measurement.

Driven by our firsthand knowledge of the industry's demands, we embarked on a mission to craft a product that not only met those demands but exceeded them. We recognized that true innovation stems from personal experience, from the insights gained through years of patient interaction. This perspective uniquely positioned us to create a device that resonated with practitioners – a device born from necessity and shaped by expertise.

And so, the PostureTrac was brought to life – a culmination of our shared passion, commitment, and expertise. We are proud to present a solution that stems from the heart of healthcare, a product that reflects the journey of professionals dedicated to enhancing patient care. The PostureTrac stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication and determination, a legacy crafted to empower healthcare providers and transform the way posture assessment is approached.

In creating the PostureTrac, we didn't just build a product; we built a bridge between necessity and innovation, between personal experience and industry advancement. Our story is one of collaboration, of turning challenges into opportunities, and of creating something remarkable out of a shared vision. This is our journey, our legacy, and our commitment to revolutionizing posture assessment for generations to come.

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